An honor, an achievement!

Zahid Hussain, An IT professional from Pakistan has developed a Search engine/directory which can display required results from the Qur’an as well as from the Hadith books, alhamdulillah. Its been a year that this software has been launched. According to google, he is the only person in the world who has completed the translation of Holy Quran in Roman Urdu and made this Search Engine.

This search engine offers search for any topic or subject in the Holy Qur’an in four languages

  • English,
  • Arabic,
  • Urdu and
  • Roman Urdu

The software works in  this way that if one wants to search ayaat related to sabar, you can type “sabar” in roman urdu or “صبر” in urdu or patience in english. System will give you the answer in just a moment with translation of the related ayah plus how many times the term has been mentioned.

Brother Zahid Hussain is offering this software free of cost. He is also working on few other projects related to this, like adding tafseer.

You can add your input in this great work by donating and helping him insha’Allah.

Below is his website, from where you can download the software.


8 thoughts on “An honor, an achievement!

  1. demonsking19

    Great 🙂 JazakALLAH , and ALLAH give reward to Zahid for such a hero deed.
    hey also try,
    its the best quran site i know, where u can also get tafseer, and hadiths plus, u can read quran in translation of ur own desired translator, in urdu u can read Hafiz jalenderi taranslation in his voice as well. try it

    1. Ayesha Post author

      Wa iyyaka! Ameen
      Yeah I use that site too! QuranExplorer is fabulous!
      but Actually wanted to write about the software by Br. Zahid for quite long, Good work by a Pakistani Alhamdulillah 🙂 we need to acknowledge!

  2. Sarmad

    Assalam Alaikum! I got another very usseful software. You can say that the improved form of above software, enabling search quran and hadith books (Sihah-e-Sittah and others),including the urdu translation of various scholars, tafaseer,also Urdu,English and hindi translations. They claim that they also have audio tilawat and audio Tarjama but that don’t work on my PC. You will really enjoy.You can download Ëasy quran wa hadees”from:

    1. Ayesha Post author

      Wa alaikum salam Dear Bro! 🙂
      Thank you for sharing this. Seems great Masha’Allah 🙂 I’m glad that you took time to share such a valuable resource with me. May Allah subhanu wa ta’ala bless you abundantly…Aameen.


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