Types of handwritings!

Seems familiar?

source: Doccartoon.blogspot.com


28 thoughts on “Types of handwritings!

    1. Ayesha Post author

      Insha’Allah 🙂 My writing is alhamdulillah good though but can’t guarantee about the future 🙂 liked your comment “Scribble in the name of handwriting” lolz 😀

    1. Ayesha Post author

      Welcome to my blog Sister 🙂
      hahaha well said 🙂 You mean I should practice until my writing becomes illegible? 😦
      keep visiting sis 🙂

      1. MuQeet

        Just to share with you something about medical colleges:
        Actually the problem of doctor’s handwriting is a spoiled one. In their 4th year or 5th year (i dont remember the exact semester), medical students are given so much to do on case studies and they have to write reports and submit as the deadline given to them is of short duration. So, the system has to be blamed as it makes the future doctors practice effective scribbling! 🙂

        1. Ayesha Post author

          🙂 Yeah Bro… I know that 🙂
          The main thing is that, Doctors’ have to do so much besides concentrating upon their handwriting 🙂
          and handwriting is not a big deal I suppose 🙂 system yes, to some extent you can say (we have annual system, in most of our colleges here except very few) but Doctor’s mind is always pre-occupied and there is so much burden as I would say… As for the students, they have to jot down the lecture sometimes “at the speed of light” so one can’t make us write beautifully at such a situation 😀
          A doctor said that He has three types of writing styles 🙂 and he writes dfferently, depending upon what is the situation 😀
          Btw, my writing though “very Legible” and “immaculate” is not like what it used to be in my Pre-med 😛

          P.S., This writing thing, which I posted was a joke 😛 because we all think that doctor’s writing is very very bad… 🙂

  1. Mah Rukh

    hahaaa….so true so true!!! infact there z a gp of ppl who actually think that “THE MORE ILLIGIBLE THE DOC’S HAND WRITING Z THE MORE INTELLIGENT HE IS”…. so…better start practicing now!!! besides i wonder…do the pharmacists actually do a crs to understand these “SHAHKAARS”…HAHAHAA….

    1. Ayesha Post author

      Hahahha…exactly 😀
      Thanks for visiting 😀
      well, thats true!! I am thinking to start practicing… beside, You too start scribbling so that Insha’Allah when we’ll be physicians, people consider us more intelligent.. as you said 😀
      hahahaaha dont know whether they really do a course or what, perhaps its practice! but next time you go to the hospital via our very own subway 😀 do ask the pharmacist there 😛

  2. Khanum

    that’s quite an interesting post. I was also thinking of posting on chiro-graphy. : )

    my hand writing keeps changing lately it has gone worse from being classic. but one thing remains, i tend to tilt my words on right side.

      1. Khanum

        im studying a subject that made me study around 40 plus subjects till now, n besides i love exploring new subjects. 🙂 yeah i have studied psychology for 6 months.

  3. Gulerana

    Mine’s much like the five years old handwritting.n it gets worse every year..I think I wud be needing a special pharmacist just to understand my prescription..:-D

    1. Ayesha Post author

      Ahahaha Gul!
      Lolzz seriously, my writing is also transforming, since I try to jott down most of the lecture, and, rest you know well 😉
      Ahan, Pharmacists are genious I must say 🙂


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