By the Figs and the Olives (Qur’an, 95:1)


In the previous post I have mentioned that I will be starting a series of post related to the medical and health benefits of the things that are mentioned in the Qur’an. So I decided to start with Fig and Olives.

Allah says in Surah At-teen,

[I swear] By the fig and the olive. (Qur’an 95:1)


Figs (Ficus carica)

The biological name of fig is Ficus carica (Urdu:انجیر, Arabic:تین)

The nutritional value of Ficus Carica is given below:

  • Energy  1,041 kJ (249 kcal)
  • Carbohydrates  63.87 g
  • – Sugars                47.92 g
  • – Dietary fiber    9.8 g
  • Fat          0.93 g
  • Protein 3.30 g
  • Thiamine (vit. B1)             0.085 mg (7%)
  • Riboflavin (vit. B2)           0.082 mg (7%)
  • Niacin (vit. B3)   0.619 mg (4%)
  • Pantothenic acid (B5)     0.434 mg (9%)
  • Vitamin B6          0.106 mg (8%)
  • Folate (vit. B9)   9 μg (2%)
  • Vitamin C             1.2 mg (1%)
  • Calcium                162 mg (16%)
  • Iron        2.03 mg (16%)
  • Magnesium        68 mg (19%)
  • Phosphorus        67 mg (10%)
  • Potassium           680 mg (14%)
  • Zinc        0.55 mg (6%)

Some health benefits of Figs are as follows:

  1. Prevention and medicine for constipation (due to the presence of dietary fibers)
  2. Ca/P(Calcium to Phosphorus ration) ratio is lies as recommended by nutritionists so the patients suffering from stone formation in kidney may also use it safely
  3. Due to High potassium in fig is beneficial to patients of hypertension
  4. High potassium avoids calcium loss in urine.
  5. Good for bones.
  6. Has anti-cancerous component.
  7. Has anti-diarrheal activity
  8. Effective for diabetics
  9. Anti-oxidant activity(due to the presence of antioxidant vitamins)
  10. Anti-inflammatory action
  11. Good for eye-sight (due to the presence of Vitamin A)
  12. Good source of vitamin B-complex
  13. Results of a prospective study involving 51,823 postmenopausal women for an average of 8.3 years showed a 34% reduction in breast cancer risk for those consuming the most fruit fiber compared to those consuming the least. In addition, in the subgroup of women who had ever used hormone replacement, those consuming the most fiber, especially cereal fiber, had a 50% reduction in their risk of breast cancer compared to those consuming the least. Int J Cancer. 2008 Jan 15;122(2):403-12. (Figs contain high amount of fibers)
  14. Protection against heart diseases.
  15. Good for weight management ( due to presence of dietary fibers).
  16. Being used as aphrodisiacs.


Olives :Olea europaea

Botanical name: Olea europaea (urdu and arabic :زیتون)

Olives have been mentioned about six times in the Holy Quran,

1) It is He Who sendeth down rain from the skies: with it We produce vegetation of all kinds: from some We produce green (crops), out of which We produce grain, heaped up (at harvest); out of the date-palm and its sheaths (or spathes) (come) clusters of dates hanging low and near: and (then there are) gardens of grapes, and olives, and pomegranates, each similar (in kind) yet different (in variety): when they begin to bear fruit, feast your eyes with the fruit and the ripeness thereof. Behold! in these things there are signs for people who believe.(6:99)

2) It is He Who produceth gardens, with trellises and without, and dates, and tilth with produce of all kinds, and olives and pomegranates, similar (in kind) and different (in variety): eat of their fruit in their season, but render the dues that are proper on the day that the harvest is gathered. But waste not by excess: for Allah loveth not the wasters. (6:141)

3) With it He produces for you corn, olives, date-palms, grapes and every kind of fruit: verily in this is a sign for those who give thought. (16:11)

4) Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The Parable of His Light is as if there were a Niche and within it a Lamp: the Lamp enclosed in Glass: the glass as it were a brilliant star: Lit from a blessed Tree, an olive, neither of the east nor of the west, whose oil is well-nigh luminous, though fire scarce touched it: Light upon Light! Allah doth guide whom He will to His Light: Allah doth set forth Parables for men: and Allah doth know all things. (24:35)

5) And olives and Dates, (80:29)

6) By the Fig and the olive,(95:1)

Nutritional value of Olives:

  • Calories: 81                                        
  • Proteins: 0.97 g
  • Total Fat: 6.87 g
  • Fatty acids,
  • monounsaturated: 5.071 g
  • saturated: 0.909 g
  • polyunsaturated: 0.586 g
  • Carbohydrates: 5.61 g
  • Fiber: 2.5 g
  • Water: 84.34 g
  • Calcium: 94 mg
  • Iron: 3.32 mg
  • Magnesium: 4 mg
  • Phosphorus: 3 mg
  • Potassium: 9 mg
  • Sodium: 735 mg
  • Zinc: 0.22 mg
  • Copper: 0.226 mg
  • Selenium: 0.9 mcg
  • Manganese: 0.020 mg
  • Thiamin: 0.003 mg
  • Niacin: 0.022 mg
  • Pantothenic acid: 0.015 mg
  • Lutein + zeaxanthin: 510 mcg
  • Choline: 6.6 mg
  • Beta carotene: 204 mcg
  • Vitamin A: 346 IU
  • Vitamin B-6: 0.012 mg
  • Vitamin C: 1.5 mg
  • Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol): 1.65 mg
  • Vitamin K (phylloquinone): 1.4 mcg

Medical benefits of Olives:

  1. Patients of Rheumatoid arthritis showed much improvement when they used fish oil supplements in combination with olive oil.
  2. Olive oil may have a protective effect on the development of CRC (colorectal cancer)
  3. Has antihypertensive effect (lowers blood pressure)
  4. Antioxidant activity
  5. Prevents oxidative DNA damage and so has anti carcinogenic effect on cells.
  6. Protection against Breast cancer
  7. Usage of olive oil decreases the incidence of Cardiovascular diseases (due to presence of LDL)- has anti-atherogenic effects
  8. Lower incidence of stroke with the use of olive oil is observed
  9. Bactericidal activity
  10. Protection  against oxidative stress (so has anti- Aging effect)
  11. Well tolerated by stomach
  12. Provide protection for skin

P.S., The benefits of Figs and Olive[oil] mentioned above are complied from various research papers.


13 thoughts on “By the Figs and the Olives (Qur’an, 95:1)

  1. MuQeet

    Assalamu Alaikum.
    Mashaa’Allah! A very nice post and a great start to a new series, alhamdulillah.
    May Allah bless you and reward you abundantly for taking pain and pleasure in writing this post.
    Jazakillah Khayr.

    1. Ayesha Post author

      Wa alaykum salam wa rehmatullahi wa barakatuhu
      wa iyyakum akhi, AAmeen to your dua
      Jazakum Allahu khairan kaseera for reading, liking and commenting!

  2. Sarmad

    Its a very nice effort and good research work. Hope to have more from you in future. Keep it up. May Allah bless you.

  3. Khanum

    Masha Allah. Very nice post and very nice blog. : )
    I would liek to add, in a book known as ;Prophetic Medicines’ alot has been mentioned regarding fruits/ plants and their usage to cure diseases. Your post reminded of that.

    1. Ayesha Post author

      jazakillah for taking the time to read and dropping a comment 🙂
      yes sister! Prophetic medicine/tibb-e-nabwwi is far more superior to us than what researches has to offer… 🙂
      keep visiting 🙂 Jazakillah for such a sweet comment masha’Allah…barakAllahu feek

  4. demonsking19

    SUbhaN ALLAH ! its very informative, and all these nutrients are important for those who does work out, they really need protien and some quantity of carbohydrates , n lil amount of fats.
    btw i also use olive for my hairs 😉 olive oil is a best anti dandruff oil , and a awesome moisturizer for hairs in winter 😛

    1. Ayesha Post author

      Jazak’Allah khair for dropping by… 🙂 Well, a common individual also need these nutrients, these benefits are not limited to just those who work out and do exercise 🙂
      Yeah it’s used for massaging the hairs too 🙂 thanks for adding

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