Make everyday a “No Tobacco day!”

31st May is observed as “World No tobacco day”

Tobacco contains so many carcinogens (agents causing cancer) which can pose severe health risks.

Lets learn about some of those problems resulting from using tobacco actively or passively.

  • Heart and blood vessel problems:
    • Blood clots and aneurysms in the brain, which can lead to strokes
    • Blood clots in the legs, which may travel to the lungs
    • Coronary artery disease, including angina and heart attacks
    • High blood pressure
    • Poor blood supply to the legs
    • Problems with erections because of decreased blood flow into the penis
  • Cancer (especially in the lung, mouth, larynx, esophagus, bladder, kidney, pancreas, and cervix)
  • Poor wound healing, especially after surgery
  • Lung problems such as emphysema and chronic bronchitis, or asthma that is harder to control
  • Problems during pregnancy, such as babies born at low birth weight, premature labor, miscarriage, and cleft lip
  • Other health risks or problems:
    • Decreased ability to taste and smell
    • Harm to sperm, which contributes to infertility
    • Loss of sight due to an increased risk of macular degeneration
    • Tooth and gum diseases
    • Wrinkling of the skin

Smokers who switch to smokeless tobacco instead of quitting tobacco completely still carry a number of health risks:

  • Increased risk of mouth or nasal cancer
  • Gum problems, tooth wear, and cavities
  • Worsening high blood pressure and angina


Those who are regularly around the smoke of others (secondhand smoke) have a higher risk of:

  • Heart attacks and heart disease
  • Lung cancer
  • Sudden and severe reactions, including those involving the eye, nose, throat, and lower respiratory tract

Infants and children who are regularly exposed to secondhand smoke are at risk of:

  • Asthma (children with asthma who live with a smoker are much more likely to visit the emergency room)
  • Infections, including virus-caused upper respiratory infections, ear infections, and pneumonia
  • Lung damage (poor lung function)
  • Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
  • and many more

So lets join hands and say no to tobacco, once and for all.



5 thoughts on “Make everyday a “No Tobacco day!”

  1. MuQeet

    Dear sister, Assalamu Alaikum.
    I got your comment at my old Seerah blog through e-mail.
    Unfortunately I lost the password of that blog and I am unable to retrieve it anymore.
    Therefore I am unable to accept the comment there.
    Jazakillah Khayr for your du’aa.
    PS: when are you going to come up with a new post? Can you throw some light on the medical and health benefits of the fruits mentioned in the Qur’an?

    1. Ayesha Post author

      Wa alaykum salam Brother! No problem… that’s perfectly fine.
      About the post, I have made a draft of a post which is yet to be published Insha’Allah.
      And regarding fruits mentioned in Qura’an I have also been thinking about this, so insha’Allah as soon as I get time, I will try to publish. Jazak’Allahu khairan kaseera for taking the time to visit and providing me with your valuable suggestion.

  2. Global Sisters

    Assalam u alaikum thank you very much for this post. I lost a very close person in my life to lung cancer and find it so important to distribute knowledge on the negative consequences of tobacco.

    1. Ayesha Post author

      wa alaykum salam Sister! sorry to learn about that.. Yes its really important to spread awareness among the people regarding this serious issue, lung cancer is one of the leading cause of death… May Allah subahanhu wa ta’ala protect all of us and cure all those who are ill…ameen

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